quinta-feira, 20 de março de 2014

2001: a space odyssey - film of Stanley Kubrick


Lonelyness is a so natural state
of any living matter you will find;
’cause when I was a child, now I remind
myself: I was alone, that was my hate!

I had a mother, a father, a faith,
and the true love of my sister, so kind...
come from the very equal flesh of mine,
and, yet, I was I behind the soul’s gate!

Now, where’s my faith, my sister, where am I?
in this spinning sphere which just says good bye
to teach us good bye, to teach us to pass...

As our life goes too fast, we’re lonely as
the fast spaceship that goes faster as far
it is from us, from the Origin we are!

Marcos Satoru Kawanami