quinta-feira, 13 de dezembro de 2012

Corinthians x Chelsea - The Battle of Saint George - Saint George of England - The Legend of Saint George - São Jorge do Corinthians Paulista - A Lenda de São Jorge - The match of the millenium - O jogo do milênio


         So, in that night, Saint George stared at the moon, and thought:
         —What the fuck!
         He had to care ever and ever for his dear England, but… At that night, an even greater passion yelled deep in his intempestuouse knite heart, the Corinthians Paulista Team! Oh my, oh my…
         —Oh my… Corinthians or Chelsea? For which team shell I fight in this night of battle? Alea jacta est!
         In this moment, his mighty horse dropped a mighty excrement. The dragon verified if it’s nails were well cut… And poor George stared at the moon:
         —What the fuck!
         And, from this night on to eternity, Saint George is living at the moon.
         Because of the match Corinthians vs Chelsea, the thunderstorm of the millenium, a legend knowned as The Battle of Saint George… against himself.

Nhandeara, 13 December 2012
Marcos Satoru Kawanami