sexta-feira, 10 de agosto de 2012

wyngate elementary school - Ms. Coplestone (also a hero!, and guitar player) - tomates verdes fritos (filme) - fried green tomatoes (movie) - Idgie Threadgoode (Mary Stuart Masterson) - Jessica Tandy - Ruth (May-Louise Parker) - Kathy Bates

     This friend of mine, a girl at school when we were 7 years old, she used to dress herself like a boy. Today i saw for the first time the film Fried green tomatoes, in which the character  Idgie Threadgoode, played by the actress Mary Stuart Masterson, does the same thing and many other things becoming the hero of the story.
     Well, that girl in my childhood was also a hero, but despite i remember the name of Mathew, Marcus Brozowsky, Bethany, Heather, Beachen, i can't remember the name of this hero that used to gard for my safety; tears came out of my eyes looking at her picture a long time after school days and during this movie i'm talking about i also cried for her and particularly because i forgot her name, i did not continue friendship with a so nice person, was she called Catherine or Emily?

The hero of my story is the girl sitting at the first roll next to Mathew,
she is the second from right to left.

I am standing on the last roll, the third child from left to right,
besides Geremy that wears green.

     What i do remember is that the only child that understood my situation at school seemed to be this girl that dressed herself like a boy and had a strange way to say girl: she used to say "goil" like Popeye the saylor man. My situation was that i arrived at Wyngate Elementary School not understanding English, but also after starting to know what kids were saying i had trouble because i understood they were saying vain fallacy all the time out of class, and out of class that hero girl interfered to save me when i said things people didn't want to hear. And my friend was a quiet girl, she didn't say silly things like the others, when she spoke there was a purpose, intelligence using words.
     Women that try to be fancy look stupid, and men that try the same look more stupid then.
     I really don't know if her name was Catherine or Emily, but after this early childhood experience i always sympathize more with girls like the character of Mary Stuart Masterson in the film Fried green tomatoes, the strong and smart Idgie Threadgoode.

Nhandeara, August 10th 2012
Marcos Satoru Kawanami