sexta-feira, 10 de agosto de 2012

area of friendship: instrument for anthropological studies - relationship statisticals - relation between people throughout time - anthropology - How steady is a friendship throughout time: as more distant people are and keep their friendship is a factor of strength for a friendship, so space vs space results an area that tends to be grater in the graph considering time: Area of Friendship = S(t) x S(t) - Link of Friendship

The area of friendship reveals how steady
is a friendship throughout time, if kept the link
between the people envolved. Space can be a
factor considered and measured in the axis
or just Time can be considered, progressing
the same proportions for the 3 axis. Usualy
it will measure the area of friendship between 2 people,
maintaining one axel as an assistant and spare one
for the case of a third person; for more than 3 people,
other graphs may be drawn.

The Sapaces x' and y' go increasing on and on as
people move their homes from here to there and even
to a place they already lived before.