terça-feira, 20 de dezembro de 2011

fuck this planet rock and roll!


Of course, for me, this night will never end. On land, folk have to swallow a sunrise after dawn; since childhood, i used myself to contemplate the world here from above, understand the picture and not only a dot on the picture, fake to be fool to speak to foolish people and not harm them showing their ignorance like a strike, but making fools believe they discovered truth by themselves...
But all folks from my place of soul do that, unless the arrogant ones that sometimes are dropped in Germany(?) haha, just a joke. Friar Clemente Kesselmeier was a german friend of mine, and he used to be very humble.
Marcos Satoru Kawanami and Clemente Kesselmeier
      For those who have Understanding, the uncomprehensible is obvious; for those who don’t, the voice of the people is the voice to be followed: “Crucify!”.
“I am the good shepherd.”, said the one that was crucified. We are not the shepherd, for our grace and goodness we are guided by him, and look how much easy is to be guided than the opposite. Why some persons want to be shepherd?
What i had to say did not have to make sense this night, i wasn’t going to write nothing of this, i wanted to write a nonsense but now it’s making sense. Here comes the junk writing:
For more than 9 days i am coughing, and spitting blood some times, blood got out of my lungs for 5 times like portions of sashimi. At the hospital, the doctor only inoculated an injection for fever, and all these days i am taking lots of tablets for fever. Tomorrow is my return to the doctor, i have to tell him: the federal government treats tuberculosis free of charge, and i obviously have the disease.
I don’t want the cure! I wanna die you fucking World of shit, you bunch of ass holes! You know what?: If i were less humble, arrogant folk would think i were less arrogant.
People say i only listen to Samba, but i have ever been much more Rock and Roll then who say that are Rock and Roll. My clothes were humble, given free, i don’t use to buy clothes like these Rock people. I slept on the street when housemates locked me out of our house. In this same student house there was no washing machine, so i washed all my clothes on my hands while the other students payed a misery for pour women to do the job also without washing machine, and after class what music did they hear?, too loud and i had to study hard! I had to run nacked in a winter night from the middle of the way of one city to another. I stayed 45 days eating only bread and coffee. While everybody went to campus by bus, i climbed a very high hill on foot every day, isn't that Rock and Roll? I had a good friend sculptor that shared a plate of food with me, and he was hungry! I caught tuberculosis walking in the rain with two fellows after singing Samba and sleeping wet on the ground. You know what, i hate Rock and Roll, i only understand Samba.
Fuck this Planet Rock and Roll!

Nhandeara, 18 de dezembro de 2011
Marcos Satoru Kawanami

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Gabriela disse...

Speaking of roots, I mean ... uuhh ... I do not know what it is called in English. Generally, this is a very strong pain in the lumbar spine. In Polish we say it 'inflammation of the roots' - 'roots' ...
A snow ... Yet there is no snow: (I hope snow will fall for the holidays!
Marcos, it is you! You look good:)
Later, I read your note carefully and with understanding, I see - finally in English! :)

Paulo Vitor Cruz disse...

o verdadeiro Rock'n Roll está acima de um estilo ou de um ritmo musical. O seu samba e a sua atitude é sim o comportamento roqueiro da história

*feliz domingo aí

abraço grande.

byTONHO disse...

I am não 'Spicas' porra nenhuma de Ingrêis!
Fuck-me EU!

Don't li, but laikei!


Roquem Enrolou?!

Oh not ←


Anônimo disse...

Marcos, stop saying that ... Everyone has moments of doubt. But you must admit that in total are wonderfully alive! I love rock, my moods ... ;)

Marcos Satoru Kawanami disse...


I agree with you. You are right.
From the part i wrote "Here comes the junk writing.", what you read was an exercise of Nonsense Literature, of course mixed with things that happened to me during my real life.


Cecília Romeu disse...

E agora, Marcos?
O povo sumiu, a festa acabou...

Seguinte, sei francês, espanhol e italiano, mas tenho um probleminha, gosto do inglês, mas ele me detesta! Estudei 2 anos, mas... e se colocar no tradutor não vai ficar muito legal...
Como comento, Marcos?

... mas adorei teu comentário por lá, mas fiquei esperando tua mensagem para os outros, mas sem obrigação, claro, só para publicar.

Marcos Satoru Kawanami disse...


Maintenant, nous pouvons parler dans la langue de Voltaire, mais le problème est que je peux enrolom e non sou pas muitô chagadô em enrolão avec moi...