quinta-feira, 7 de maio de 2009

drama towards heaven - english sonnet - soneto em inglês - poesia religiosa - poema religioso - soneto religioso - literatura católica - catholic literature

to my sister

Began the world from nothing, what so odd;
miracle is that matter came to be;
but, based on human reason, i can see
the evidence that matter is of God.

On a strange and dark, maybe winter day,
that can’t be found on any calendar,
the Holy Lord full of divine regard,
began to be a poet and to say:

“Let there be light” on Earth, lyrical stage!
Since then, a human drama is the play;
the entrance is free, or a life to pay…

…A life to gain! Like ink on a blank page,
through time, goes printing the will from above,
on us, the goal of God of good of love.

Nhandeara, may 7th 2009
Marcos Satoru Kawanami